Learn About Beautiful Singh Meadows

We outgrew our location to the point where we had to find a larger place and boy did we find it! Beautiful Singh Meadows is the perfect setting for out event. Check out what the Tempe Tourism board says about this lush landscape:

“On a crisp, cool Saturday morning, farmer Ken Singh chats with a family enjoying breakfast at Singh Meadows in north Tempe. In the distance, a fire pit puffs smoke into the pale, blue sky and steam rises from a clear, chemical-free pond.

For 30 years, this was Rio Salado Golf Course, maintained in pristine condition through the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. It’s taken years for Singh to scrub the unwanted additives from the land and water—to create Singh Meadows, a 72-acre oasis where he hopes the community can come reconnect with nature.”

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